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New Succulent Delights

Grilled Egg Plant with Tomatoes
Egg plant with tomatoes is a signature meal at Dutch Bottle Café. Eggplant medallions are grilled aggressively with garlic in its shell and onions before julienne tomatoes are added and lime juice and olive oil are added with freshly ground peppercorns to give a wonderfully tangy flavour which has patrons coming back for more.

Roast Beef and Roast Pork
At Dutch Bottle café large prime cuts of Beef and Pork are chosen with just the right amount of fat to facilitate the slow roasting process with Mediterranean spices and garlic. The result is a highly flavourful soft delicate texture. It is presented in half pound servings and in the French baguette sandwiches. A total must have choice on the menu.

Egg Sandwich
Now added to the, juiciest cheeseburger in town is the surprisingly good egg sandwich at Dutch bottle Café. Made from toasted whole wheat slices, the sunny side up egg is interleaved with cheese, mayo , lettuce, tomatoes and jalapeńos to create a joyous experience.

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