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Basmati Rice
Basmati rice is a fragrant rice cultivated on the foothills of the Himalayas. It is thin long grain rice which is a perfect accompaniment to the Thai Chicken, the Curried Prawns and the Eggplant with tomatoes.

Prawns are very fresh from Guyana and are of the 10-15 size variety. They are served in half pound portions. See Curried Prawns, Garlic Prawns and the Prawns cocktail. At Dutch Bottle Café , Prawns are lightly cooked to maintain optimum softness.

Dutch Bottle Steak is made from fresh fillet available here in Guyana. It is tenderized, coated with olive oil and freshly hand milled peppercorns and grilled. The house style is medium rare. Please advise your waiter if you desire you steak to be “well done”.

Fish at Dutch Bottle Café is either Grey Snapper or Trout. See Fish in Basil and Tomato Dressing as well as Snapper with shallots and ginger. Servings are half pound portions.

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