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Dutch Bottle Café Guyana Page

Guyana is 83000 sq miles of deep Amazonian forest, massive grasslands and towering peaks. Guyana is also home to 700 000 cricket mad English speaking Guyanese. 2007 brings the ICC Cricket world cup to the West Indies and all Guyanese will be ready to throw their weight behind the West Indies Cricket Team.

The Guyanese People
Guyanese are characterized by their generosity and openness to overseas visitors, often going out of their way to act as tour guides and entertainment hosts to people they have just met. This generosity is also extended by country folk to those visiting from the big city. Guyanese always seem eager to meet new and interesting people.

Eating out
Guyana is home to countless Chinese restaurants. These restaurants are located in every town and village where they provide fast fried rice and chowmein options with prawns, roast pork and chicken. Typically open at all hours, they have saved many a hungry stranger during the wee hours of the morning.

With even more abundance than Chinese cook shops are the ubiquitous 'rum shops '. These facilities provide liquor and hot snacks called 'Cutters'. Typical examples of Cutters include curried duck, fried fish and chicken. Guyanese will fill these rum shops during 2007 and the cricket mad patrons will listen eagerly for the latest score and debate strategy, agonize over bad umpiring decisions and cheer every boundary scored.

Top level restaurants include Dutch Bottle Café and New Thriving where well to do Guyanese enjoy enhanced interior features and international styled service.

New to Guyanese eating out options are Brazilian styled Churascura restaurants which serve large pieces of beef and pork on swords. These restaurants are making a big impact for good reasons.

Night Life
With the best rum in the world available at very cheap prices, Guyanese savor the night life at night clubs like Buddy's Night Club, Blue Iguana and Palm Court.

Resorts and interior delights
Guyana is blessed with rivers of all sizes, waterfalls and lakes and towering mountains, Resorts have started popping up everywhere to cater to the increased demand for nature tours. The best of the best include, Arrowpoint, Baganara, and Shanklands which offer nature trails, comfortable settings and long boat rides through amazing Amazonian jungle.

In future we hope that adventure tours will become a feature; there are many opportunities for rock climbing, white water rafting and other more challenging settings for the sporting enthusiasts.

2007 event Calendar
. Feb 23 Mashramani
. Feb Phagwah
. Feb- Feb World Cup Cricket
. Rodeo - Lethem
. Deepavali
. Christmas

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