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Dutch Bottle Café believes in giving back to society.

Although Dutch Bottle Café is a very small organization we actively support of various causes and organizations that work assiduously for the development of Guyana.

Dutch Bottle Café is pleased to have been chosen by the Reds Pereira Foundation to assist in its efforts to raise the standard of cricket and support in Guyana.

Dutch Bottle Café is pleased to assist the Rotary Club of Demerara with its annual fund raising drives which have been so critical to bringing, medical, infrastructural and humanitarian assistance to Guyanese in Georgetown and areas as far flung as Lethem, Kuru Kuru, Annai, and Linden.

Cultural Events
Dutch Bottle Café continues to host its night of Song and Music at Christmas. We expect to continue our support of this event for many more years to come.

During Carifesta, DBC hosted an Anguillan Night and an Antiguan Night. Carifesta delegates from these 2 countries thrilled patrons with the music, food and dances of their native islands.

The walls of the café boast the work of various local artists. We have been fortunate to have gotten a couple of their pieces sold to our patrons. This is a collaboration between the Hatfield Foundation and the Dutch Bottle Café.

Dutch Bottle Café is committed to providing assistance to organizations such as Rotary who are involved in education drives and career guidance initiatives. In addition to that we have partnered with the Carnegie School of Home Economics to host students for their internships.

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