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About the Dutch Bottle Café

Dutch Bottle Café is an open air restaurant in a typical old Georgetown colonial style building. Inside you will find a very relaxed atmosphere where the offerings on the menu are just mouthwatering. It's just the thing for a home away from home. Indeed it is too many!!

There is an emphasis on simplicity within the meals which speaks to the quality of the ingredients used at the Dutch Bottle Café, such as olive oil, sweet basil, lemons, tomatoes and eggplant. We tend to shy away from sweet and creamy sauces which are high calorie and use tangy Mediterranean flavors and dressings. Just try our Steak, Prawns or Snapper with Basil Dressing. Located just two blocks away from Bourda Market we try to design our meals to showcase as many local vegetables meats and herbs as possible!

Dutch Bottle Café has an all wood pub styled bar which is always fully stocked. We carry an excellent selection of Wines and Beers including the local Banks Beer, Dutch 86, Heineken and Guinness Draught. It goes without saying that Guyana makes the best rum in the world bar none. Proven world beaters include the El Dorado 15 year old and the popular XM 10 yr Old. Be sure to return home with a bottle of Guyanese rum, the quality is superlative!!

At Dutch Bottle Café we hope that the combination of great food and a superbly stocked bar will make for a winning combination.

The real strength of the Restaurant is its staff; collectively with management they have worked really hard to maintain the quality and innovation that the public has come to expect of us.

A Special Thank you must be extended to our patrons who have remained loyal and supported us at every turn. You are a very big part of the Dutch Bottle success story.

Dutch Bottle is now a fully wireless Internet Environment. All laptops, PDA, etc are compatible once equiped with wireless network cards.

  10 North Road . Bourda . Georgetown . Guyana
  Tel. +592 231 6561, 231 6560 and 226 9648

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